Blue Season Bali @ The Menjangan

The Menjangan is in a class of its own. Exclusively positioned as the only accommodation located within the boundaries of the West Bali National Park, you are sure to have a first hand experience of all the best diving Menjangan has to offer. Now partnered with Bali’s top-rated dive operator, The Menjangan is proud to offer the services of Blue Season Bali to its elite class of clientele from around the world.


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Ever dreamed of a beach getaway unlike any other? Come and explore the magic of The Menjangan. Although scuba diving in Menjangan is a main attraction for many guests, you can also soak up the experience of exploring the largest national park on The Island of the Gods. The diversity found throughout the national park itself is astounding. Within its 190 square-kilometer area are at least six different habitat types including montane and mixed-monsoon forests, savanna, mangroves, coral reefs and coral islands. For bird lovers, the Bali Barat National Park also hosts a project to rehabilitate the critically-endangered Bali Starling.

The Menjangan

World-class resort facilities in a truly out-of-the-way location are what make The Menjangan such a unique experience. In addition to the fantastic scuba diving in Menjangan, the resort boasts two restaurants, three types of accommodation, various lounge areas and the air of seclusion and privacy in paradise.

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A stay at The Menjangan is not your typical Bali experience. Being best suited for couples and families, you will avoid the throngs and enjoy the opportunity to relax and take in the breathtaking beauty around you. Whether it is scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, bird watching, spa treatments and massage, or simply soaking up some of Bali’s famous sun; the highest quality experiences are at your fingertips here at The Menjangan.

Diving Menjangan

Menjangan is famous for having Bali’s most beautiful wall-diving. The walls descend to varying depths, ranging from 20m – 60m+. These walls offer the greatest diversity of gorgonian fans in Bali. The sites generally start at around 10m in coral reef flats and then slope down. Conditions in Menjangan tend to be very gentle with visibility getting up to 50m at certain times of the year.

The reef scenery, coupled with the marine life is perfect for those wanting to get photos. The dramatic backdrop of the walls and plethora of fish life makes is easy for photographers. It is unusual to see many large pelagics in this area due to the island being protected from the cold currents coming in from the sea.

The more popular dive sites at Menjangan are: The Eel Garden, Pos II and, for the more experienced, a deep dive (40M) to the Anker Wreck, a 150yr old wooden boat.

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Mandarin Fish Dive

Blue Season Bali is blessed with Bali’s only Mandarin fish dive that is located right off the jetty at the dive center. That’s right, our house reef is home to this unique and rare fish. Come and join us for an evening mandarin fish dive with Blue Season Bali @ The Menjangan.

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